What if there isn’t water to perform in? (Working title)

In this work, I explore the (schematic) visualizations of routines and figures in synchronized swimming. I also search for movement opportunities for synchronized swimmers out of the water.

The title of the work simultaneously is the questioning behind it: is it possible for performers to retain the figures written for synchronized swimming “on land”, out of the water? How do performers move without water? And how can we translate the transitions from one figure to another in a performance without water?

In What if There Isn’t Water to Perform in various figures and routines are translated to a choreography and subsequently performed. This work is still in progress.

A special format of this work will be on display during the LocHal exhibition in Tilburg. From the 16th of September until the 15th of November, 2021.

First draft of a  video still

Sketches for sequences #1 

Sketches for sequences #2