Performing Perspective

Performing Perspective is an ongoing performance in a self-created space.

A performer wearing a floral dress lies in the middle of the work. The work consists of a compact space, in which the floral pattern of the performer’s dress blends perfectly with the space around it. This is the result of a painted pattern on the background. The performer participates in the work at unannounced times. If the performer is not present, visitors are confronted with a cut-out silhouette of the performer that underlines the absence of the performer. In this work I attempt to explore the boundaries of performance and installation art. The space created for this work is adjusted fully to the ratio of the performer and the dress. 

Performance/ installation. ca. 90 x 200 cm. Accrylpaint, stucloper, cotton (dress), plaster, pencil.

Detail of Performing Perspective. Dress and handpainted flowers.