Compositions Of Transformations #2

Ongoing performance in installation 
ca. 150 x 150 x 60 cm

In Compositions of Transformations #2 performers retain certain physical positions for an indefinite period of time. These positions fit perfectly in a frame created to match the ratio of the human body and they are enfolded by pipes that are incorporated within the frame. The figures and physical positions are alternated continuously. The work is set up and deconstructed without an indication of a time stamp.

This work will hopefully be on display during the This Art Fair in Amsterdam from the 25th until the 29th of August, 2021.

Compositions of Transformations #2 (2021)

Behind the scenes. Filming the work: Compositions of Transformations #2 (2021)

Performers: Sara Europaeus, Roberta Maimone, Vera Goetzee and Ornella Prieto
Film: Rick van den Hout
Location: Metaal Kathedraal, Utrecht

Supported by Mondriaanfonds

Sketch for the work Compositions of Transformations #2 (2021)