Performing Collage

Based on the idea of human body melting together with it's environment, an installation is been created, consisting of a performance and video installation. A collage technique is been used as the startingpoint of this work in which fragmentation and connection are combinded together. 

ca. 150 x 180 x 250 cm. Accrylpaint, cotton, mdf, vinyl, tape and collage with performance

Perfoming Collage, installation overview. Love@SecondSight exhibition, Corrosia, Almere. 
ca. 310 x 310 x 350 cm. Performance, video installation, cotton, wood, print, accrylpaint, mdf, vinyl, tape

Detail of one of the collage that is been used for the work Perfoming Collage.
21 x 29,7 cm print on luster paper with frame on cotton.